SEO in Rondebosch – make sure you are not losing a significant percentage of potential clients

It has become the norm to search for anything you want or need via search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.  What this means, is that your search engine rankings have a significant impact on the number of clients that will click through on your site to find out more about your product or service. If your company website does not appear within the top rankings, or at least on the first page of the results, research has shown that you lose up to 90% of potential clients. To rectify this issue, be sure to get in touch with the local specialists in SEO in Rondebosch. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to various strategies that are implemented as part of a website’s design, to make sure that it is understood and can be categorised by search engines. Factors like the content, titles and descriptions, the placing of text, social media presence, etc., all have a significant impact on your website’s rankings. Most professional SEO services are offered as part of a monthly package, since updates need to be done regularly due to Google’s algorithm changes. This way, keeping your page on top takes a lot of challenging work and maintenance. To speak to the experts in SEO in Rondebosch and surrounds about the difference that professional SEO can have on your business’ success, be sure to read through the advertisements listed below.

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