Introducing St Paul’s Church Rondebosch

In Church street, just above the suburb’s main road, lies St Paul’s Church Rondebosch. The church has been in existence for many years and we have been providing valuable services to the local community for near two centuries! Our church receives no funding and is fully reliant on the generosity of donors to maintain our beautiful building and graveyard, and to keep on spreading the Gospel.

Our church’s mission is to guide our church member to become dedicated to, and to worship God, by proclaiming His good news. With a variety of services available, we aim to unite the community in Christ to pursue overall peace and reconciliation.

Our services

To make sure that all our church members can find time during their busy schedules to attend a service at St Paul’s Church, we host a range of services each week, both on Sundays and weekdays.

Our services times are as follows:

Sunday Services:

  • 08:00 – Holy Eucharist with Hymns and Sermon
  • 09:30 – Choral Eucharist
  • 17:00 – Student Services (not when Evensong takes place)
  • 17:45 – Eucharist at Avondrust Court
  • Every last Sunday of the month, we host Choral Evensong services. In the winter, it takes place at 17:00 and in summer at 19:00.

Weekday Holy Eucharist Services:

  • 09:30
  • 07:00
  • 08:30 (every last Saturday of the month)

We have been serving the Rondebosch community for more than 180 years – if you want to form part of our church community, feel free to visit our website, or contact our office.

Opening Hours


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00




08:00 - 15:00

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